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About Valexcel

We share with our customers a true desire to help enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our customers are entrepreneurs, developers, individual buyers, and also sellers with a concern for the longevity of their businesses.

You will quickly realize that enjoying a trusting relationship with our experts is the best way to ensure the success of your projects. With over 15 years of success, our methodology is bolstered by the expertise of a multidisciplinary team that pays special attention to everything affecting people. Our goal is to optimise your time and to remain committed to the mission you entrust to us.

Key info
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50% employees
50% employees

In a fast-changing and competitive world, Valexcel offers start-ups its creative modelling techniques and ability to implement strategies, as well as its expertise in effectively managing the fund raising process.
Valexcel is a supportive partner to start-up entrepreneurs, from their first fund raising until they dispose of the capital.

Valexcel has a close, long-term relationship with business leaders from micro-companies to mid-sized enterprises from many different sectors in France and abroad.

Individual business buyers
Since 2005, the name Valexcel MBI has been a reference for the overall support of individual business buyers. Valexcel works closely with individual buyers of all nationalities seeking to acquire a company in France.
Our knowledge of the hidden market is an additional advantage for accelerating and implementing the proposed purchase.

138 boulevard Haussmann, Paris, 75008, France